Woven Bubbly 'Y' Necklace

In this series, I think I've created one of my most elegant looks. Here, I've put the strip of woven metal down the middle of the piece, then put textured 14/20 gold fill sheet metal on each side to create a subtle shimmer that really compliments the sparkle of the center woven strip.

To create the focal pieces for this necklace, I weave sheets of fabric from rose & yellow 14/20 gold fill wire or silver wire using a medieval fingerweaving technique. Then I cut this fabric into smaller pieces to embed behind the glass. The different shapes of glass both magnify the weave, giving it more definition, as well as collect the light, making the entire piece glisten.

I then finished the piece with a double strand of chain ending in a strong magnet clasp.


Materials (all alloys are nickel free!): 

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver (the new tarnish resistant silver) (chain is traditional sterling silver)
Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill 

The necklace comes packaged in a gift box.