Geometric Pyramid Shaped Pendant in Gold Mix

A classic wearable piece of art, this handmade designer pendant will add a unique touch to your look.

Featuring a unique combination of techniques, this distinctive pendant showcases a sparkling display of woven metal under layers of fused glass - creating an almost kaleidoscopic effect when you move. The silver wires woven together create the kind of brilliance normally associated with diamonds and the pyramid shape of the glass also subtly distorts the look of the underlying woven metal.

Perfect for dressing up an outfit or accessorizing with casual wear, it makes a great gift as well!

• Perfect for everyday wear and as a gift

• Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

• Dainty

• Minimalist Classic Look

• Handmade in the USA

• Available in a variety of metals

• Sustainably made

• Durable

• Comfortable

• Tarnish Resistant

 Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver - this is the low tarnish sterling silver alloy made from 100% recycled silver.

Click here to learn why Argentium is so much better than traditional sterling silver!

 Gold: I'm using both yellow and rose 14K gold fill in my designs. Gold fill is 1/20th gold by weight, so it's a good compromise in quality and price between 14K gold and gold plate.

Click here to learn more about why 14K gold fill is a great choice for jewelry you want to last!

• Pendant Size: 5/8 of an inch wide and 3/4 of an inch long.

• Pendant Weight: Just .08 of an ounce - exactly the weight of a dime.




• Each pendant comes with an 18 or 20 inch, 2.2mm drawn flat cable chain made from .925 sterling silver or 14K gold fill with a spring ring clasp.

• Optional: Add $9.95 for the magnet clasp upgrade. I'll replace the spring ring clasp with a magnet clasp to make the necklace even easier to put on and off.

• Pendants are packaged with an anti-tarnish tab in a gift box with anti-tarnish filler, which makes for easy gifting and storage.



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I have pioneered a new technique which creates the woven metal under glass effect. Using a medieval finger weaving technique, I weave strips from thin metal wire. I then take that woven metal fabric and embed it behind glass. The different shapes of glass either magnify or distort the underlying weave creating many interesting visual effects. In order to take these visual effects even further, I then fuse layers of glass in my kiln and put the woven metal fabric behind that.

But my favorite part is how the bends and the twists of the woven metal fabric interact with the light that is focused by the glass. The intense sparkly nature of these pieces rivals the sparkle in a well cut diamond!

Here is a brief video of me weaving the woven metal fabric:

To learn more, check out this page on the entire process.