Divided Byzantine Bracelet

My divided byzantine chain brings contemporary handcrafted chain to a whole new level. I created a tool, so that when I make the smaller rings, all of the sides stay flat. This creates a mirror effect, making the bracelet much more sparkly and reflective than traditional round wire. But I also kept an eye on the weight of the design. The larger circles are still 14/20 gold fill - but they are hollow tubes that take a lot of the weight right out of the design, which makes these a lot more comfortable to wear than you would think by looking at them.

I'm still using my signature easy spiral clasp. For a demo of just how easy it is, click on video below!



The other fun side effect of this clasp is that any bracelet and any necklace can be put together to create your own designs. Three bracelets even make a cool, asymmetrical necklace!


Materials (all alloys are nickel free!): 

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver (the new tarnish resistant silver) 

Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill 


Bracelet comes packaged in a gift box with a gold stretch bow.