Small Feng Shui Inspired Woven Metal, Glass, and Bamboo Hoop Earrings in Silver or Gold

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Bring balance into your life with Feng Shui inspired Jewelry!

The 5 traditional elements, Wood, Metal, Water (symbolized by the glass), Air (incorporated by the negative space in the design), and Fire (the flash generated by the combination of the woven metal embedded behind the glass) all come together to make a light weight and visually arresting look in this pair of earrings.

These earrings also feature my signature technique which combines textiles, metal and glass for an amazing sparkle, sure to get comments and complements no matter where you go!


 Each earring comes with complimentary rubber stops.

• Earrings are packaged with an anti-tarnish tab in a gift box with anti-tarnish filler, which makes for easy gifting and storage.



• Each earring measures 1 3/8 inches long and 1 inch wide.

• Lightweight! These earrings weigh only .1 oz each – just a tiny bit more than a penny weighs


All materials are nickel free!

Silver:  Argentium Sterling Silver - this is the low tarnish sterling silver alloy made from 100% recycled silver.

Click here to learn why Argentium is so much better than traditional sterling silver!

Gold: I'm using both yellow and rose 14K gold fill in my designs. Gold fill is 1/20th gold by weight, so it's a good compromise in quality and price between 14K gold and gold plate. 

Click here to learn more about why 14K gold fill is a great choice for jewelry you want to last!


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