Woven Depths Pendant - Rectangle

This is the newest direction for my work. First I weave sheets of fabric from rose and yellow 14/20 gold fill wire or Argentium Sterling Silver wire using an ancient medieval fingerweaving technique. Then I cut this fabric into smaller pieces to embed behind cabochons of glass. The result is simply stunning. The glass both magnifies the weave, giving it more definition, and collects the light, making the entire piece glisten. The doming effect of the glass also makes the piece look different depending on which angle you view the piece from. I’m still trying to find the right words to describe this line – somehow I just can’t get more precise than “Sparkly! Pretty! Wow!”

The neat thing about this pendant is that the lozenge shaped glass creates a very subtle magnification effect. The weave is made very explicit in this shape, and is not distorted at all.  

Materials (all alloys are nickel free!):

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver  
Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow):Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire