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January 04, 2021 2 min read

Fashion Style Tips by Tahmi - Why Adopting A Style Uniform Can Improve Your Life


Every woman at some point has woke up in the morning, looked into her closet and said “I have nothing to wear.”

I have nothing to wear


Renata Briggman, a realtor, had this same problem and was tired of how much time she’d spend in the morning styling herself for a demanding day showing houses in the DC.

The solution? She adopted a style uniform, and that one decision changed her life.

Here are the 5 ways it can also improve your life: 


Jewelry Style Tips by Tahmi Tip #1




Tip #1: Save Time.

By wearing the same thing every day you save time in the morning that you can spend with your kids or by sleeping in a bit later.

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Jewelry Style Tips by Tahmi Tip #2



Tip #2. Less Stress.

Instead of starting the day with making decisions right off the bat, you can glide through your morning routine on auto-pilot and save your brainpower for the important parts of your day.

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Jewelry Style Tips by Tahmi Tip #3



Tip #3. More Free Time.

Instead of going from store to store (or endlessly scrolling online) looking for things to wear, you already know exactly what items you need, so you can spend your free time doing more things you like.

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Jewelry Style Tips by Tahmi Tip #4



Tip #4. Boost in Confidence.

You already know you are going to look great, so there is nothing to sweat!

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Jewelry Style Tips by Tahmi Tip #5



Tip #5. Save Money.


You can save so much money by not having to purchase an entirely new set of clothes each season!

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You can still be creative without the stress by changing up your jewelry that would perfectly compliment your style. Tahmi’s design passion is to create timeless pieces of jewelry that not only be worn everyday, but will also get you compliments every day!

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