In this series, I'm using black enamel to create frames that really "pop" the woven metal under the glass. In this shape, the high dome of the oval that I've fused on top creates such high levels of distortion, that it almost looks like a hologram is inside!

To create the focal section of this bracelet, I weave sheets of fabric from rose & yellow 14/20 gold fill wire or silver wire using a medieval fingerweaving technique. Then I cut this fabric into smaller pieces to embed behind the glass. The different shapes of glass both magnify the weave, giving it more definition, as well as collect the light, making the entire piece glisten.

The bracelet clasp is a design that is also unique to me. The "wings" are memory wire covered with rubber, so the whole bracelet just wraps around your wrist. It's the ultimate in easy to put on jewelry! The bracelet also does not slip around, so the focal point will always be on top. The rubber covered memory wire is "squishy" enough that wearing this bracelet while working at a desk or computer is not as annoying as most bracelets can be. The best part though is that with this design, one size fits most so you never need to worry about getting a good fit. To see how easy this bracelet is, check out the video in the "product video" tab above!

The focal point of the bracelet measures 7/8 inches long and 7/8 inches wide.


Materials (all alloys are nickel free!): 

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver (the new tarnish resistant silver) 

Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill  

Clasp: the clasp part of the bracelet is rubber covered memory wire.

Bracelet comes packaged in a gift box with a gold stretch bow.

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