This bracelet makes a big visual statement, but is really feather weight.

To create this bracelet, I actually wove a traditional Bronson lace pattern using weed whacker line – which made a very substantial weave! When I put this plus the silver into my hydraulic press, at 6000psi the silver flows over the lace pattern creating the interesting texture of this earring. I’m taking the idea of textiles in metal into a completely different place with this series!  

This design also features my new clasp design. This clasp is “spring loaded”, and you put it on by bending in the lower part of the bracelet and then slipping the loop over the hook. The benefit of this design is that it creates a “U” shape on the wrist, so the large design element will always be on top. The bottom is very low-profile and will not get in the way if you are working at a desk or a computer.

Materials (all alloys are nickel free!):

Silver: Fine Silver  
Gold: 14/20 Yellow Gold Fill

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