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The Concentric Circle earrings add a little "pi-zazz" to any outfit. Attention-getting without being overwhelming, these earrings easily dress up or down, making them another versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The earwires are nickel free, and are the new no-slip variety. These earwires actually have little "speed-bumps" on the back to help prevent them from slipping back out of the ear. I have sensitive ears myself, and can wear these with no problem.

Materials (all alloys are nickel free!):

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver
Gold: 14/20 Yellow Gold Fill
Mixed Metal (Silver/Gold): Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire and Argentium Sterling Silver
Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire
Tri: Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silver wire

Features at a glance:

  • Made with the new Argentium, the low tarnish sterling silver
  • No slip earwires! The texture on these earwires provides just enough friction to keep them from slipping out
  • The lightweight design creates an earring that has just enough swing to be interesting, but not enought to be obnoxious
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$45.00 $22.50

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These are mine!

I bought these and the double flower earrings thinking one for me an and one for my sister-in-law. These are the ones I kept. I love them!