The inspiration for the Charming Flowers set came from a Near-Eastern dance class that I took. I really liked the jewelry that the instructor had, and couldn’t wait to design something similar. I like the way this bracelet hangs down over the wrist, like a lacy cuff. It’s perfect to wear in the winter as you’ll always see it below the cuff of any sweater you might wear. My other favorite feature is the soft “shing-shing” noise it makes when you shake it—reminiscent of the bells worn by the amazing dancers I studied with. It makes just enough noise to amuse you - but not enough to annoy everyone else in the room.

Clasp: The secure spiral clasp is easy to put on for yourself.

 Materials (all alloys are nickel free!):

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver
Gold: 14/20 Yellow Gold Fill
Mixed Metal (Silver/Gold): Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire and Argentium Sterling Silver
Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire
Tri: Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silver wire

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Awesome bracelet for a gift!

I saw this bracelet at a show and my wife loved it. I ordered it online, and Tahmi was great about making it and offering size adjustments if needed. The mixed metal bracelet has been a hit, and Tahmi has been great to work with.