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With the 5 Elements series, I wanted to blend 5 traditional elements into one design. Wood, Metal, Water (symbolized by the glass), Air (incorporated by the negative space in the design), and Fire (the flash generated by the combination of the woven metal embedded behind the glass) all come together to make a light weight and visually arresting look. Most ancient cultures had some philosophy of balance, for example Feng Shui, and I was inspired to create my own interpretation for modern wear.


To create the focal piece for this pendant, I weave sheets of fabric from rose & yellow 14/20 gold fill wire or silver wire using a medieval fingerweaving technique. Then I cut this fabric into smaller pieces to embed behind the glass. The glass both magnifies the weave, giving it more definition, as well as collects the light, making the entire piece glisten. The frame around the focal piece is crafted from sustainable bamboo. The best thing about the bamboo is that it adds almost no weight to the design!

The neat thing about the focal point for this pendant is that the fused glass warps the underlying weave into interesting shapes. I'm always intrigued that simply changing the shape of the glass completely changes the way you experience the underlying weave. The design is my new "Aster" shape. I like the distortional symmetry the flower shape provides.


Materials (all alloys are nickel free!):

Silver: Argentium Sterling Silver (the new tarnish resistant silver) links mixed with Sterling Silver components
Gold Mix (Rose/Yellow): Rose and Yellow 14/20 Gold Fill wire mixed with Vermeil components

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